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SERVICES:   ACT! Contact Management Software is still the #1 best-selling contact management tool.  This award winning program is used by millions and has been praised by experts around the world for the ability to get instant access to every contact detail at the click of a button.  The newest release of ACT version 16 includes features that will tremendously enhance your contact management experience. 

HBSBOSTON (HBS) has been customizing ACT! and training users since 1991.  From streamlining office administration duties and eliminating redundant activities to whatever your particular industry requires, we provide practical solutions that help you work smarter and more efficiently.

We customize programs to fit your business needs.



ACT! Database Management allows our clients to step away from the day-to-day management of the ACT! database.  HBS services include sending promotional or informational e-mail to your contacts; electronic or hard copy newsletters & announcements, computer faxing, hard copy mail merges, importing/exporting contacts, general marketing, Web site management and just about anything relating to your contact data or computer network.  (More Info)   (Back to Chart)

ACT! Database Synchronization enables you to work from a remote location and then synchronize new information to the master database in your office.  Work at home and transfer the information to your office.  Synchronization includes to and from your laptop/remote PC with the office master database or PDA/Pocket PC.  Another system allows you to place the ACT! database on your Web site and allow remote users to enter and view data in real time.  A remote user can add a new contact with an associated sales opportunity and the data is instantly appended to the native database at the office.   (More Info)   (Back to Chart)

ACT! Training is probably the most important aspect of functioning in this powerful program.  Getting your entire team to consistently use the software's technology will greatly enhance your company's productivity.  (More Info)   (Back to Chart)

ACT! Web Form Software captures form data from your Web site and deposits the information directly into an ACT! database right on your network. Our systems are ideal for contacts wishing to update information in your company's database, sales people reporting new sales or prospects filling out general information forms.  We offer several systems that automatically transfer Web form information directly into ACT! without retyping.  Technicians fill out a time & charges Web form and that information goes directly into the ACT!  master database at your office.  Recruiting departments can benefit from using this system to gather applicant information via the Web.  (More Info)   (Back to Chart)

Computer Faxing with WinFax PRO, the leading fax management software for small businesses, produces high-quality faxes that help you project a professional image to your clients and customers. You can even send or forward faxes via email to people who do not have fax hardware or software and with network faxing, you can establish one computer with one modem to handle outgoing and incoming faxes for your entire company.  WinFax PRO integrates smoothly with key business applications including  ACT! to simplify your management of client and customer interactions.  (More Info)   (Back to Chart)

Marketing Management is available for those companies requiring hard copy mailings, broadcast faxing and/or mass e-mail distribution.  If you need to increase your sales or keep in touch with your existing client base and you are running out of staff to handle this job, HBS can help by managing the marketing portion of that effort.  We can produce and distribute custom monthly newsletters and periodic promotions in HTML format (Web page) all from your ACT! Contact Management database and according to a pre-defined schedule.  (More Info)   (Back to Chart)

Network Services is managed by HBS for our clients.  We advise you on purchasing the appropriate hardware and software for your business and we manage everything from small office peer-to-peer networks to Windows 2000 Networks and Directory Services Infrastructures running on Microsoft's Windows 2003 Servers servicing a large number of users.  Our technicians will analyze your current network configuration and make appropriate adjustments to improve performance or we can replace the entire system with a new state-of-the-art network to make your company operate as efficiently as possible.  We create customized reference manuals specific to your business needs and provide onsite or offsite training.  (More info)   (Back to Chart)

PDA/Pocket PC Synchronization let's you take your ACT! database on the road, enter new contacts, notes, sales opportunities, calendar activities, etc. and synchronize with the master database when you return.  (More Info)   (Back to Chart)

QuickBooks now links with ACT! providing your staff with the ability to see your client/customer or vendor accounting history from within ACT!  Click on the new QuickBooks tab in ACT! and see an aging summary of outstanding invoices, sales opportunities or vendor detail all without leaving the program.  (More Info)   (Back to Chart)

Remote Communications via pcAnywhere or a VPN (Virtual Private Network) can be installed on your system giving designated users the ability to remotely connect to your network from home or other location.  HBS uses these tools to connect to your system for troubleshooting problems, transferring work, customizing software or training users.  (More Info)   (Back to Chart)

Software Services include assistance with most software programs including Microsoft's Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Word, FrontPage and numerous ACT! add-on programs that include linking ACT! to QuickBooks or Excel, exporting ACT! Sales Opportunities to an Excel spreadsheet for quarterly reports and publishing the ACT! database to a Web site for remote users that do not have the software!   (More Info)   (Back to Chart)

System Needs Analysis is a vital part of knowing what you want and what tools you need to bring it all together.  HBS will review your business with you and recommend appropriate hardware and software applications to make your company run as efficiently as possible.  (More Info)   (Back to Chart)

Web Hosting/Management & E-mail is available through HBS.  We design, host and maintain Web sites and provide e-mail accounts for our clients.  Whether you need a quick change or If you are looking to outsource the day-to-day management of your Web site, we can take over that responsibility for you.  (More Info)   (Back to Chart)


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